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Based in Stockholm and Amsterdam


The power of words and thoughts is strong. They shape who we are, what we believe in, and subconsciously, it is words that decide every step within our lives.  How then do we want to enrich the mindset of our children, when they are just starting to discover this world? Especially in today's world, where media is producing a lot of 'noise' and the media offer is tremendous. Koala Charlotte wants to contribute to a mindful media landscape and with that also a conscious parent-mindset. With its book series, Koala Charlotte offers an easy choice when parents want to choose for mindful media. With handmade colourful illustrations, a positive powerful message and interactive assignments at the end of every book, it provides the first steps to the shaping of strong and beautiful thoughts.


About Koala Charlotte

Creating a mindful media landscape for children between 0—12 years old

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