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Let's explore 'Fredagsmys'- the Scandinavian Friday afternoon activity for families.

Living in Stockholm, we absolutely love the concept of Fredagsmys, which could be translated into 'Friday coziness'. The mindset, could, in a country like Italy be interpreted as 'dolce far niente', that means something like: relaxation and togetherness, just for the sake of relaxation and togetherness - and without the ambition to achieve something out of the ordinary once the weekend starts. But it also resonates with the religious Jewish Sabbath - where you unplug from your phones and digital devices, light a candle, bring home fresh flowers and rest and celebrate, together as a family. It's quite a beautiful thing to be able to celebrate togetherness and rest, as a 21st century family, and so fun that we could name 3 different cultures celebrating that all in their own unique ways.

Here's a list of what your family could do on a Friday afternoon - pick and choose those activities that fit well within in your family and you're on your way to start your own Friday tradition!

- A suburb/city hike

- Dinner out

- Takeaway dinner in

- Light candles

- Have cozy playlists (that are only played on Friday's) e.g. we love jazz

- Boardgames (monopoly, jenga, settlers of catan - there are many board games to choose from even starting from age 4!).

- Nintendo night

- Go for a run

- Movie night with snacks.

- Bake muffins or pies.

- Play a game like HINT (one of our favorites)

- Have your children take turns to tidy the living room area and make it Friday afternoon ready. - Make teams and do a quiz (tip: there is charm in making up your own quiz questions , but if you're out of inspiration, then there are ready quizzes on the internet in text, + also in video format on Youtube)

- Dance

- Invite friends over for dinner

Which will you choose for your family next Friday? Team Koala Charlotte

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