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3 ideas for setting mindful new years resolutions

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

What a year it has been!

Some parents have had their kids at home all day while working fulltime jobs; others were hustling with travel restrictions to family; the support network that is so needed when kids grow up. And we can applaud all parents, who have pulled this of. Superheroes! Even when some days didn't go as you planned, the courage and positivity to start over the next day, is something to applaud. This has also been a year of setting the tone. Of showing that sometimes there is struggle, and how to overcome that struggle with grace. As parents, it's so great if we can support our kids by staying optimistic. As some would say: either we can all sit in a corner and cry about the situation, or we tackle it and stay positive.

Why should we set resolutions?

Think about a usual day in a year. You wake up with no idea how you are going to tackle the day. And the expression comes along at the back of your head: "either you run the day or the day runs you". It rings true for all parents. Because without a plan, you can endlessly be at home with kids and 5 hours later, you start to think "what has actually happened?!" The same goes for an entire year. Without resolutions, you could just end up in the blur of daily responsibilities. Sure, this year was one out of our control; or so it felt. With 2021 around the corner, we have no clue what to expect with regards to the pandemic, but we do have more control than we think, really!

Here are 3 ideas for setting mindful new year's resolutions for conscious families:

New Year's Resolution 1: plan your day and week With the current pandemic situation, we cannot really plan far ahead. But what we can do is take back control of every day. Create a list of what you want to achieve every month and every day. And use one evening or morning in the week to plan for the week ahead. As much as you schedule in time for responsibilities and daily errands; don't forget to schedule in time for family get togethers and quality time. It gives us fuel, so that we don't feel as if we are stuck in some kind of hamster wheel. Keep in mind to keep the 'to-do' lists realistic and fun. Balance is everything. As a tool, you could ask yourself: What do I need to do this day-week-month? And what do I need as a person, to keep my mental health in check? Check in with yourself and with your family. Are they energized? Do the kids need a calm book reading time or do they take a long bath or use their energy for an outdoors activity? Leave those minor decisions to your gut feeling, but do have an overall bigger day structure.

New Year's Resolution 2: Unplug

Are we really present in the moment? How often have we catched ourselves looking at our phone or computer, to suddenly stare back at our kid talking and we have to ask to repeat what they were saying? In families, the to-do list just never ends, we know the feeling. Ask yourself if this matter really cannot wait until after bedtime or when you have a moment to yourself. Perhaps you can find one hour in the day to fix some administrative duties, while the other parent is fully present with the kids? What times do you wish that you were present but you were not? Perhaps during a family walk outdoors, or when you were playing boardgames with your kids. Or at the dinner table? Set some rules with your partner and find time to unplug and be fully present.

New Year's Resolution 3: Define what makes your family mindful and happy and add new small habits to the day: What does it mean for me and my family to be mindful and conscious? What do I wish to do more of as a parent, and what lessons have I learned? There is no reason to make drastic changes here, but a small new habit can go a long way. Perhaps my kids diet can be adjusted a bit. I could introduce a new morning smoothie. They have been snacking a lot, let's check our Pinterest for fun healthy snack ideas. Or do they watch too much TV? I can also find a new favorite family recipe, that the family will enjoy for the upcoming year at the dinner table. Or introduce more books at bedtime. I can also lessen on the use of plastic. And start introducing the topic of recycling and sustainability to my kids. I could teach them how to be kind. And so on! As you see all of these steps are quite small but still could add quality to everyday.

Love! Team Koala Charlotte

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