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5 ways of how to connect with your child in the daily hustle

Hi there! We felt it was time for a thread on how to connect with your child in this daily hustle!

As we're all very aware of, we're still in the midsts of a global pandemic. Ironically...doesn't it feel as if our time has become more scarce than ever - even though we work from home? No commutes, but more connections to devices as our work-time and off-time are blending in continuously. We are more inclined to send a quick mail after shutting down the laptop, or to take another call - from the logic that we're still in the place where we left our job.

The effect of staying 'on' all the time, results in less connection with our surroundings, our nature, who we are, and of course...our children. This has also unfortunately been the time where kids didn't get enough of the attention and support they deserve from their parents. As it is a LOT that is expected of the 21st century parent at the moment. Parents have been hustling; working and taking care of children who have been home a lot more throughout this year. Honestly the expectations of today's society have been unreal. And our usual support systems as family and friends have been cut off, due to safety precautions. But we work with the time and resources we have; and it is there that we have power, and take back control during the pandemic as a working parent. So, on that can we stay connected to our children in this daily hustle? (Note that this list also works outside of Covid times; but even more so now).

Here follow our 5 how to's:

1) Mix up one day of your working week and go somewhere else after school (than just your regular coming home). A park, an animal farm, a playground - bring with some hot cocoa or juice.. and unplug! Stay away from the phone and talk to your child. Taking time away from your laptop/phones is not only great for connecting with your child but also for charging yourself up with the outdoors and your surroundings. Take it all in, together! <3

2) Ring in the weekend on a Friday with a new family ritual. Candles, music and a game of Jenga, for instance. Or 'memory' or uno for the smallest children. Game evenings are for all ages! Red thread here is: no phones, no digital devices, just the family around the table.

3) If you have 2+ children, make sure every child gets 1:1 time with each parent. Take one child along on some errands and take a stop at your favorite coffeehouse; or go swimming with the other on Sunday mornings as 'your thing together'.

4) Post covid: parent-kid retreats that take a long weekend, are really becoming a thing. Bond together with your child in a beautiful place, and recharge your battery at the same time. Sounds about right!

5) If your kids get send home sick from (pre)school, don't fret: this calls for the ultimate bonding (even though you have to work). Prep some movies, fresh sheets, cuddly blankets and plates full of fruit. And let the feeling of guilt go. Can you recall being sick at home back in the days? Those days were so comforting when being taken care of by a parent!

Hope these 5 tips gave you inspiration for your own families. Keep up the good work parents! Love, Team Koala Charlotte

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